Things I’m Bad at As an Adult

This post was inspired by JennaMarbles video Things I'm Bad At As An Adult

This is a list of things I am bad at, at the age of 26. I would have thought adulthood/age/time would have had me grown out of these essentially bad habits, but here we are. As Jenna states in her video that putting her thoughts/rants/complaints/etc. into the world seems to have her benefit from them by improving herself or other good karma, I thought I would give this a try in hopes I might quit some of these not very adult habits.


I’m terrible at loading/unloading the dishwasher. My sink is always a mountain of smelly dishes and I use my dishwasher as cabinet for clean dishes.

I’m horrid at cleaning in general. Sure, I sweep/mop/vacuum my floors once a week, but anything additional (cleaning the kitchen, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, etc.) gets left until something is growing, attracts vermin or I have a guest coming over.

I’m slowly becoming awful at managing my money. Seriously, my account held $0.63 last week. NO. *hand clap emoji* GURL. *hand clap emoji* STOP. *hand clap emoji*poorI get into bed at 10:00pm like a responsible “I have to be at work before 8:00am adult,” but I do not go to sleep until midnight giving 6 hours of sleep which is not enough for me, so I end up crashing once or twice a week after work, take 4 – 6hr naps and continue the cycle of madness. *cries*

I make plans to workout, may even do so for at most 3 days, then give in to my lazy tendencies, beat myself up about not working out and start the whole process over again after several months. I’m not looking to be a model. Just want a healthy body with less back pain.

My procrastination is out of control.

I’ve become a lazy pet owner. I feed her and meet her needs. I could simply be better is all. For example, more playtime, walks, getting flea treatment not at the last minute *see procrastination*.

I am blessed with excellent insurance at such a young age. I should put it to use someday by scheduling appointments with a doctor and dentist.

I am terrible at speaking on the phone and in real life. I’ve held a customer service type job going on three years, help me!

I  have commitment issues in terms of projects/hobbies/etc.

Well this was cathartic. What things are you bad at as an adult? Share in the comments down below!

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Books That Took You the Longest to Finish 10.15.16 | T5W

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Thoughts on Tomes. There is a new topic every Wednesday where bloggers/booktubers/etc. create their top five list. Join the group today!

These are the books that you had on your nightstand “in progress” for months or years. The books that you took weeks to read because they put you in a slump. Those books that were an uphill battle. These are books you started and actually read, not books you’ve just had on your shelf the longest.

1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

orderofthephoenixI stopped reading this book when I was 15. I placed the book down and swore to never pick the series up again. I was annoyed by Harry’s angst, exhausted by Cho’s grief, irritated beyond belief by Umbridge’s rules, and over it all when Fred & George left Hogwarts. However, I did enjoy the mayhem they delivered to Umbridge. I did not pick up the series until I was 23 and smack dab in the middle of my last semester of university. I started with book one and read all the way to book seven. I dreaded reading Order of the Phoenix when I returned to it at 23, but it is now my one of my top favorites out of the series. I simply lacked the maturity and life experience to grasp the concepts of Harry, Cho and so many of the other characters situations. Also, 15 was a year of big change for me as I went through all the wonderful teenage hormone insanity, along with high school and all that entails, a change in tastes in basically everything, and a dislike for reading (Le gasp! I know.). While it took some years, I am glad I gave this book another chance and finished the series.

2. A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin

13497After coming off of A Storm of Swords, I was excited to jump into A Feast for Crows. Then I read Martin’s note inside the book that told of how this was originally intended to be a much larger book, containing all my favorite characters, but was split in two with all my favorite characters ending up in A Dance with Dragons. It was a struggle to start this book. However, towards the end it did pick up and I came to love new characters (Sam).

3. Hystopia by David Means

HystopiaThis book is the quickest of this lot that I finished. The reason I had a hard time zipping through it was the way it was written. I’m still debating whether I enjoyed this book or not. I feel as if the writing did a great job of reflecting the drug induced state most of the characters were in, but it also made my head hurt trying to comprehend their thoughts and actions. However, I do recommend it if you can make it through.

4. The Lucky One by Nicolas Sparks

3063499This is another book I started in my teens and did not finish later until I was in my 20s. I had this horrible habit of reading books, but when I got close to the end I would stop reading them as if I could preserve the enjoyment of reading this particular book. Yes, it makes absolutely no sense which is why I have since quit this ridiculous habit. I finished it while weeding out books to give away. I only had 5 pages left to read. I also became aware I clearly had a change of taste regarding Nicolas Sparks books.

5. A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin

13422727Full disclosure, I have yet to finish this beast. I’m less than 1,000 page from finishing it. Usually Martin’s books have pulled me in, towards the middle become a bit slow, but then hook me and yank me around at the end. However, ADWD has me feeling as if I am slowly scaling The Wall. Do not get me wrong, I love the series A Song of Fire and Ice, and I am patiently waiting until The Winds of Winter, but whew this bad boy is a struggle!


I think this T5W list of mine is pushing it in terms of these books qualifying for this week’s topic, but they are the closest I could get (and remember) to taking a long time to finish.

What book(s) took you the longest to finish? Why? Share in the comments below!

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