Things I’m Bad at As an Adult

This post was inspired by JennaMarbles video Things I'm Bad At As An Adult

This is a list of things I am bad at, at the age of 26. I would have thought adulthood/age/time would have had me grown out of these essentially bad habits, but here we are. As Jenna states in her video that putting her thoughts/rants/complaints/etc. into the world seems to have her benefit from them by improving herself or other good karma, I thought I would give this a try in hopes I might quit some of these not very adult habits.


I’m terrible at loading/unloading the dishwasher. My sink is always a mountain of smelly dishes and I use my dishwasher as cabinet for clean dishes.

I’m horrid at cleaning in general. Sure, I sweep/mop/vacuum my floors once a week, but anything additional (cleaning the kitchen, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, etc.) gets left until something is growing, attracts vermin or I have a guest coming over.

I’m slowly becoming awful at managing my money. Seriously, my account held $0.63 last week. NO. *hand clap emoji* GURL. *hand clap emoji* STOP. *hand clap emoji*poorI get into bed at 10:00pm like a responsible “I have to be at work before 8:00am adult,” but I do not go to sleep until midnight giving 6 hours of sleep which is not enough for me, so I end up crashing once or twice a week after work, take 4 – 6hr naps and continue the cycle of madness. *cries*

I make plans to workout, may even do so for at most 3 days, then give in to my lazy tendencies, beat myself up about not working out and start the whole process over again after several months. I’m not looking to be a model. Just want a healthy body with less back pain.

My procrastination is out of control.

I’ve become a lazy pet owner. I feed her and meet her needs. I could simply be better is all. For example, more playtime, walks, getting flea treatment not at the last minute *see procrastination*.

I am blessed with excellent insurance at such a young age. I should put it to use someday by scheduling appointments with a doctor and dentist.

I am terrible at speaking on the phone and in real life. I’ve held a customer service type job going on three years, help me!

I  have commitment issues in terms of projects/hobbies/etc.

Well this was cathartic. What things are you bad at as an adult? Share in the comments down below!

Until next post,