2017 Goals | New Year, New Reads!

2017 is finally here and with it are my reading goals for the year! Feel free to check out how I fared in my 2016 goals here!

Read one book for fun each month

My reading for pleasure will be taking a dive this year as I am *finally* beginning my graduate career. However, to offset the stress/boredom of required reading and to make sure I do not quit reading for fun for three whole years, I will be doing my best to read one book a month.

Post on this blog once a week

I had this goal last year, but I posted roughly twice a month in 2016. I am proud that I continued to post for the full year of 2016 and that I did not quit this blog. As I have already proven that I am committed to this blog, then it is time to push it further by posting once a week!

Post a book review once a month

This was the initial premise of this blog, but I only posted one book review for 2016. With my goal of reading 1 book a month this should aid in completing this task. It also helps my goal of posting once a week with at least one guaranteed post a month!

Participate in a virtual book club for at least one month

I originally wanted to participate for a full year, but as my time will be limited due to schooling I thought it best to try a book club (I’m thinking Banging Book Club or Our Shared Shelf) for one month out of the year. I may even try both!

Goodreads Book Challenge (25 books)

Again, my time will be limited this year, so I set the goal of 25 books read for 2017. I do not know if I will include my graduate reading (I think that may be cheating). Clearly this would require me reading over one book a month, but who knows I may surprise myself!


What reading resolutions have you set for yourself in 2017? What are you most looking forward to this year? Share in the comments down below!

Until next post,