Intro Full of Nargles

Howdy! Welcome to Quibs Full of Nargles!
I am Pilar, and I will be your blogger for this post. I’ll begin this icebreaker by giving a few tidbits about myself:
• I am 25 years old.
• I am pursuing a career in the librarian field and am presently employed as one.
• I recently re-kindled my joy of reading two years ago which surprisingly coincided with me graduating university (Where my Liberal Arts peeps at?).
• I am new pet parent to an adorable 5 month old kitten named Cleopatra aka Cleo. 10 points to your Hogwarts House of choice if you can guess why I named her after the Queen of the Nile!

 CleoBlogHere is a hint.

Enough about me, let’s dive into to what exactly is Quibs Full of Nargles! First off, if you couldn’t tell by my two Harry Potter references in the blog title and intro, I am a fan of HP. Now do not fret, this blog is much more than about the Boy Who Lived. As I mentioned, I have recently picked up reading for pleasure again which has led me to the world of book bloggers and booktubers. I’ve tried my hand at booktubing, but I believe it is something I will ease into again at a later time. However, this past November I took part in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, where I rekindled the flames of writing. I did not win this year, but I wrpte over 12,000 words. It was a win for me to have even tried NaNo and a bonus to have written that many words. Why is that relevant? After NaNo ended, I realized I wanted to keep writing, but not only stories I created from my imagination. Thus came the idea of trying my hand at blogging, specifically about books. This blog will contain mostly book reviews and discussions about books I have read. I have noticed there are fun posts such as Waiting on Wednesday where bloggers list books they are “patiently” anticipating their release, reading challenges, and various book inspired posts, all of which I will incorporate into my blog as I see fit. However, the majority of posts will be my thoughts/opinions on books I have chosen to read. I am excited to begin my blogging adventure and look forward to meeting fellow bibliophiles along the way!

Until next post,
Pilar the Biblio Nargle